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Animals are capable of experiencing a range of different emotions.

Emotions are responsible for each animal’s individual response to different situations or triggers and are part of the reason why each animal is unique.

As part of each animal’s individual assessment, I aim to uncover not only the motivation but also the underlying emotion(s) behind the behaviour(s) concerning you.
This means that each animal gets a behaviour management and modification programme that is tailored to his/her needs, increasing our chances of success.



Behaviour Assessment and Management Programme

– £250 (Monday – Friday), £300 (Saturday and Sunday)
• Review of clinical history sent over by the Veterinary Surgeon and history form filled out by the Owner.
• Consultation, during which the animal’s behaviour problem(s) and history will be analysed in detail and the first problem management steps will be discussed.
• Behaviour management and modification programme.
• Written report to the Owner and Veterinary Surgeon.
• 3 months follow up email and phone support to help implement or adjust the behaviour management and modification programme.

Additional 1-2-1 training sessions

– £50 per 1 hour session
• In case additional support is necessary to implement the behaviour management and modification programme or to help with particular aspects of the training.

Revisit consultations

– £150 (Monday – Friday), £200 (Saturday and Sunday)
• Within a 6 month period after the date of the initial consultation, as/if necessary.

• There will be no additional cost within 10 miles of NG2.
• An additional £0.45 per mile (return trip) beyond 10 miles, will be charged to all other addresses.

COVID-19 has caused big changes in our lives.
Performing home visits for consultations, “hands on” assessments and 1-2-1 training sessions will be subject to government restrictions.