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Mauro Ines

How can I help you?

Our pets are family and a big part of our lives.

We play with them, we confide in them. We cry when they are sick, we laugh when they do something cheeky. We feel proud if they come when they are called, we feel joy if they greet us when we get home. Sometimes we exercise together, we watch TV together, and sometimes we even go on holiday together.

Few things can be as devastating to you the owner as certain behavioural problems. I want to help you and your pet achieve the full potential of your relationship and the benefits that come with it.

Based in Nottingham, I am happy to travel in the East Midlands to see you.

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Animals are capable of experiencing a range of different emotions.

Emotions are responsible for each animal’s individual response to different situations or triggers and are part of the reason why each animal is unique.

As part of each animal’s individual assessment, I aim to uncover not only the motivation but also the underlying emotion(s) behind the behaviour(s) concerning you.

This means that each animal gets a behaviour management and modification programme that is tailored to his/her needs, increasing our chances of success.

Common Problems I Deal With Include:

Fearful scared pets

Separation Anxiety

Inappropriate toileting

Noisy barking pets

Possessive Issues

Repetitive Behaviour

Aggressive Behaviour

Travelling Anxieties

Cognitive Dysfunction

Mauro Ines – Vet & Clinical Animal Behaviourist


What Owners Say

Perfect Results

Angus had so many anxiety issues as a rescue dog with 2 previous homes. We had even considered returning him to the rescue centre, but with Mauro’s patient and expert advice and a number of one on one sessions, we now have a calmer and happier dog.

Thank you!

– David – Beeston